Bulk SMS Portal

Fome SMS Portal is a powerful Stand-alone SMS Portal for Bulk SMS resellers and providers. Fome SMS Portal provides customer management tools, Messaging tools, Phone book management, Billing, SMS Credit management, and more

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Billing & Invoicing

Fome SMS Portal generates a printable professional looking invoices for every order placed on your SMS platform, as well as a payment receipt upon order completion.

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Free Excel Plug in

Fome SMS Portal comes with a free excel SMS plug in that will allow your customers to send advanced SMS messages from Microsoft Excel (compatible on Excel 2003 - 2010).

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Online Payment

Fome SMS Portal comes integrated with 4 online payment platforms; 2Checkout, PayPal, GTPay, WebPay and SimplePay, with tools to easily create custom payment gateways, giving your customers multiple payment options.

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Complete Bulk SMS Reseller Portal

Fome SMS Portal is a powerful Bulk SMS Reselling Script for Bulk SMS Re-sellers and SMS Portals. Fome SMS Portal provides SMS customer management tools, SMS Messaging tools, Phone book management tools, Billing tools, Communication tools, Bulk SMS Business Automation tools, and much more tools to start and run your bulk SMS business smoothly.

Fome SMS Portal works with any bulk SMS provider and connects with any HTTP API. Its very lightweight, fast and reliable web based Bulk SMS software. Fome SMS Portal is fully Stand-alone; no Third-Party application is required to run this script. Simply upload, install, customize and integrate the script to your website... all done in a few easy steps.

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What's New on version 2.0

  • Improved UI Design
    Fome SMS Portal now has a sweeter look and feel, with lots of colorful graphical reports, making the system generally more attractive.

  • More Customizing Option
    Foe SMS Portal now allows for customizing, including Header Color, Menu Color, Background Image, Logo and Font Color customizations.

  • UNICODE SMS Support
    Fome SMS Portal now supports Plane and UNICODE SMS. The UNICODE SMS support can be enabled or disabled from the system setup tool.

  • Dynamic/Static Sender ID
    Fome SMS Portal now gives you the flexibility of choosing between Static and Dynamic sender ID for your SMS portal.

  • New Payment Gateways
    Fome SMS Portal now come integrated with even more online payment gateways, including 2Checkout and Quickteller.

  • 1 - 2 - 3 Installer
    Fome SMS Portal Installation just got easier. It now takes just 3 quick & easy steps to get Fome SMS Portal up and running

  • Database Backup
    Fome SMS Portal comes with an easy to use database backup/restore utility to make sure your data is always safe

  • IIS Compatible
    Fome SMS Portal can now be setup smoothly on both Apache server and IIS server. Known compatibility issues fixed

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Main Features Outline

  • Administration
  • °  Create and manage unlimited SMS customers and resellers
  • °  Lots of Useful customer management tools
  • °  Set low-credit limit for any customer
  • °  Easily convert a customer to a reseller
  • °  Send SMS or Email to all customers
  • °  Define your SMS packages and pricing
  • °  Specify the cost for sending SMS to various network operators
  • °  Transfer/share phone book with any customer
  • °  Manually credit your customer's account with SMS units
  • °  You can set transferred SMS credits as "borrowed Units". The customer's account will automatically be deducted on next purchase
  • °  Customize the contents of both SMS and Email notification messages
  • °  Create and manage unlimited SMS gateways and easily switch between gateways.
  • °  Receive payment notifications form customers and approve associated transaction with a click
  • °  Create and Manage multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • °  Create custom payment gateways and manage pre-defined gateways.
  • °  Easily enable or disable any payment gateway
  • °  View details all messages sent through your site (both via portal and API)
  • °  View and manage all scheduled messages on your site
  • °  View, manage and access all phone book/contacts saved by customers on your site.
  • °  Enable or Disable Dynamic Sender ID
  • °  Manage and Approve Sender IDs to be used on your Portal
  • °  Disallow the use of certain words in sender IDs (e.g. Yahoo, MTN, GTBank)
  • °  Specify the default Currency, Country and Time-zone for your site

  • Messaging
  • °  Support for UNICODE and Plane SMS Messages
  • °  In built UTF-8 to Unicode Converter
  • °  Automatically send SMS in background if total no of recipient is greater than an Admin pre-defined batch size
  • °  Automatic splitting of messages into multiple pages if it exceeds maximum allowed by your SMS provider
  • °  User get Confirmation alert before messages are sent
  • °  View SMS chat history of a particular recipient or customer
  • °  Block or replace certain sender IDs from being used on your site.
  • °  Easy phone book contact selection at SMS compose page
  • °  Save recipients to new or old address book while sending message
  • °  Upload recipients from text or CSV files
  • °  Save a copy of message being sent as Draft for future use
  • °  Auto removal of duplicate numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • °  Auto removal of invalid numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • °  Reformats poorly formatted phone numbers e.g. formats 08081234567 to 2348081234567, based on selected recipient country
  • °  Dynamic Sender ID Support
  • °  Multiple SMS recipients
  • °  Easily select groups from address book while sending message
  • °  Search sent messages by username, sender ID, message content, status etc.
  • °  Schedule messages for future delivery and easily cancel pending scheduled messages with a click of a button
  • °  Easily resend previously sent messages in just a click
  • °  View, edit or delete draft SMS
  • °  Users get notified of insufficient credits where required credit exceeds remaining balance

  • Security
  • °  Encrypted login passwords
  • °  Email verification required after user registration
  • °  SSL support
  • °  Track User Activities using their logged IP addresses

  • Communication
  • °  Integrated internal communication system
  • °  Automated Email & SMS Notifications on various System Events
  • °  Admin can Send Bulk SMS / Email to Single or All Customers
  • °  Customers can post bank Payment Notification from their SMS panel

  • Automation
  • °  Automatic SMS Order Processing after Successful Payment or Admin Approval
  • °  Online Payment Integrated (PayPal, 2Checkout, Quickteller, SimplePay4u, InterSwitch, GTPay)
  • °  Create/Manage Various SMS Packages and Pricing
  • °  Automatic SMS Cost calculation
  • °  Automatic Scheduled Job processing

  • Transaction, Order & Billing
  • °  Online Payment via PayPal, 2Checkout, SimplePay, GTPay, InterSwitch or bank payment gateways
  • °  Comprehensive transaction log and report on pending, completed and failed transactions
  • °  Multiple currency support with option to specify exchange rates
  • °  Admin can easily approve a transaction that have not been paid for or paid through custom gateways (bank)
  • °  Easily search transaction records for specific transaction or specific customer's transactions
  • °  Admin can manually transfer SMS Units to customer
  • °  Automated Invoicing on new Orders
  • °  Receive Payment Notifications from Customers

  • Phone book & Contacts
  • °  Create unlimited phone books and contacts
  • °  Add multiple phone numbers and names to phone book
  • °  Upload numbers and names from Text or CSV file to phone book
  • °  Easily edit or delete a phone book and all its contacts
  • °  Admin can transfer/share phone book with any customer

  • More
  • °  Quick & Easy Installation
  • °  Database Backup / Restore tools
  • °  Fully Customisable & Expandable
  • °  Data Migration tool for easy importation of existing customers and other data from other systems
  • °  Local & Remote API for Easy Integration
  • °  Free Excel SMS Plug in
  • °  Fully Stand-alone application. Fome SMS Portal doesn't depend on Jumla or other 3rd party application
  • °  Easy to integrate on your website
  • °  Customized API for each customer
  • °  Interactive and user-friendly look and feel
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Unix or Windows OS (cPanel Hosting Recommended)

Apache or IIS (Apache Recommended)

PHP Version 5.2

Curl Support (with SSL)

GD2 Image Library

JSON Enabled

PHP Memory Limit: 64 MB

MySQL Version 4.1.x and above

With MySQL Strict Mode disabled

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