Library Manageent Software
Library Manageent Software for Schools & Public Libraries

Library Package is user friendly automation software that automates the routine tasks in a library. is capable of managing Receipt and issuance of books, subscriptions, cataloguing, managing fine, generating various reports for Records and automates the over-all processing of a library.


Books and Member Record Management: Manage all the books and members information. Library Package enables quickly access to the book and member database and saves time by organizing these records.

Manages all Library Media: Library package maintains the tracking of all kind of Library articles like Books, DVD, CD, Drawings, Files, Documents, Audio/Video CDs and Cassettes and also maintains its own specification.

Interactive search Facility: Library Package enables an interactive and robust search facility. It gives informative help and makes it easy to understand. Provides informative help for each form of the system and also describes each field on the form, you can find resources about any given media anywhere in your library.

Easy Navigation and Updating: Library Package enables easy navigation between forms. Any required selections from the menu can be filtered and will be provided in a user friendly way.

Options for Scanning, Storing and Printing Data: Documents such as project documents, syllabus and question papers are scanned and stored. Provides option for printing member card, Library card, book tickets, Accession number, catalogue card, barcode.

Usage of Barcode: Barcode a series of printed lines and spaces of varying widths which represent numbers, symbols, and/or letters that helps in printing-scanning labels, circulation and stock verification.

Alerts through E-mail and SMS : Automatic e-mail and SMS alerts for fine payment, book overdue is enabled through email and sms. Your Library can enable or disable this facility.

Mailing option: Admin can send mail to members, vendors, or any other people form the software itself without opening the browser. The email ids are saved so that it can be used later.

Option for blocking Delinquent Users: Admin can block the delinquent members from further library activities temporarily or permanently

Circulation and Cataloguing: Complete data of books are maintained and provided with robust searching facility enabling the users to browse through the huge database simply and quickly. LibraryPackage also enables the complete management of multiple issue and return of books, fine, Renewal booking and reservation of books.

Serial management: Serial management module is incorporated to manage the journals entry and its updations with customized options. Search facility is made available under this category.

Entire Accounting and budgeting of the library: Handles accounting such as budgeting, quotation, purchase order, purchase, payment, receipt and all other requirements regarding the entire accounting and budgeting of the library.

Link to Menu: Links LibraryPackage with other software like MS Word, MS Excel.

Spot snap shot using web cam: Spot snap shot using web cam, scanning of photos, browsing photos from folder are supported. At the time of member registration admin can upload member photos either by browsing the folder, or by scanning hard copy or can take photo on spot using web cam which is attached to this software.

Generates all required library reports: Around 100 types of reports available which covers all the reporting part of a library administration and management. Our system also supports Exporting of entire reports into Excel, HTML, Open Office formats

System Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or more
  • Memory: 512 MB or more (1024 MB or more recommended)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Sql-express
  • Microsoft .Net framework 2.0

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