Bulk SMS Portal & 2-Way Messaging Script

Sendroid has all the standard features you would expect for any bulk sms portal script, as well as some great optional features too!

Mobile App New!

Add more value to your bulk sms business with the new Sendroid mobile app. Avaulable for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices for as low as $250. Learn more

Responsive Interface:

Sendroid has a responsive design, making it assessable across all device platforms and screen sized.


Customize the appearance of your portal, including Header Color, Menu Color, Background Image, Logo and Font Colors etc, giving you control over the look and feel of your portal.

HTTP API Support:

Sendroid can integrate with most SMS gateway provider that supports API connection through HTTP, HTTPS or SMPP (SMPP still in test phase).

2-Way SMS Messaging:

Sendroid doesn’t just let you send-out messages; it also offers you the platform to receive incoming messages. Great feature for SMS marketing.


Sendroid supports UNICODE SMS messaging. The UNICODE SMS feature can easily be enabled or disabled from the system setup tool

Multi-media Message Support:

Sendroid supports MMS messaging, allowing your customers to add images, videos and audio files to their messages. The MMS feature can easily be turned off from the system setup tool.

SMS Routing Feature

Sendroid's SMS routing feature allows you to set different gateways as default for sending messages to different destination countries and operators.

Background Message Sending:

Sendroid includes a feature that automatically sends messages in background when message volume is larger that defined gateway batch size. This helps in reducing message processing time and server load.

Phone Numnber Blacklisting:

Sendroid makes your portal more compliant with your local regulation with the phone number blacklisting feature. Recipients can completely opt-out of receiving SMS from your portal by sending specified keyword to your inbox number.

Phone Numnber Verification:

Sendroid helps keep spams away from your portal by giving you the option to verify customer's phone number upon registration.

SMS Credit Transfer:

Sendroid includes a feature that will allow your customers transfer SMS credit from their accounts to other customers on your portal

Dynamic/Static Sender ID:

Sendroid gives you the flexibility of choosing between Static and Dynamic sender ID for your SMS portal, making your portal compliant with your local SMS regulations.

Marketing Lists with Opt-out Keywords:

Sendroid includes Keyword-based SMS Marketing list management tools to enable you smoothly run SMS advertisements, send promotional messages and other SMS campaigns. The keyword feature makes it a lot easier for your subscribers to Opt-Out of your marketing list, making your portal more compliant with your local Bulk SMS regulations.

Birthday Messages/Reminders

Sendroid includes a feature to automatically send customized Birthday wishes and reminders to contacts in selected address books on their birthdays.

Themeable: New!

Explore amazing looks and feels on your portal with the new theme feature. You can now download, install or even create your own themes packages to give your portal a different look. Switch between themes with ease of a click.

Expandable: New!

Got some skills in PHP? Explore the limitless possibilites of Sendroid with the new "Custom Functions". You can now safely code your own custom features and functions without altering core system files.

Delivery Report Ready: New!

We know what a Real-Time status report is worth! that's why we have integrated a system to help you easily implement DLR from your SMS provider with very little coding requirement.

Twilio, Nexmo, Infobip & SMSKit Gateways:

Sendroid comes pre-configured with popular SMS gateways like Twilio, Infobip, Nexmo and SMSKit. You still have the option to setup as many other SMS gateways as you want.

White-Label Resellers:

Sendroid allows you to create unlimited SMS resellers. The system automatically creates white-label SMS Reseller portals for your resellers with tools that will enable them manage their own customers.

Dynamic SMS:

Sendroid now include an inbuilt feature to send dynamic and personalized Bulk SMS to multiple recipients directly from your portal by uploading a CSV file with dynamic fields.

Excel SMS Plug-in:

Sendroid include a Free excel plug-in that allow you and your customers to send dynamic and personalized Bulk SMS directly from an excel sheet. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 – 2007.

API for Integration:

Sendroid provides customized API for every user, including API to Send Messages, Schedule Messages, Check SMS Credit Balance, Get Marketing List, Add Contacts to a Marketing List, etc.

SMS Rate Definition:

Sendroid provides tool that enables you dynamically define individual SMS rates in terms of SMS unit cost for message delivery to various countries and network operators. You can even specify custom rates for each customer.

Message Traffic Reports:

Sendroid provides both summery and graphic daily and country-wise downloadable message traffic report for both admin and customers, with option to generate reports for specific dates.

Online Payment Gateways:

Sendroid comes integrated with many online payment gateways, including Stripe, VoguePay, 2Checkout, SimplePay4U, PayPal, GTPay, Interswitch-WebPay, Quickteller with option to create custom gateways for handling bank payments and other payment methods.

Database Backup:

Sendroid comes with an easy to use database backup/restore utility to make sure your data is always safe

Graphical Reports:

Sendroid includes various graphical reports, giving you more insight on the status of your SMS portal.

Multiple Language Support:

Sendroid is available in multiple languages with its inbuilt translator, including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and many others.

Website Integration

Easily integrate Sendroid to your Jumla, WordPress, Drupal or custom HTML website with the Free Sendroid customer portal login code snippet. Click Here to download it.

Sendroid Hosting

Do you need a hosting for your portal? We offer a special hosting plan designed for Sendroid. Contact us at care@ynetinteractive.com for a quote and other details.


Do you need customizing? We can customixe your copy of Sendroid to your test. Simply send us a mail with your requirements on care@ynetinteractive.com and we will het back to you ASAP. Yu can also give us a call on +23470-8853-8551.

Mobile App

Be ahead of your competitions with the new Sendroid SMS Mobile app, which offers your customers access to your bulk sms services on the fly. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. Learn more

Other Features

Portal Administration

  • Send SMS or Email to all customers
  • Define your SMS packages and pricing
  • Specify the cost for sending SMS to various countries network operators
  • Transfer/share phonebook with any customer
  • Credit your customer's account with SMS units
  • Transferred SMS credits as "borrowed Units". The customer's account will automatically be deducted on next purchase
  • Customize the contents of both SMS and Email notification messages
  • Create and manage unlimited SMS gateways and easily switch between gateways.
  • Create and Manage multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Create custom payment gateways and manage pre-defined gateways.
  • Easily enable or disable any payment gateway
  • View details all messages sent through your site (both portal and API)
  • View and manage all scheduled messages on your site
  • View, manage and access all marketing lists, phone book/contacts saved by customers on your site.
  • Enable or Disable Dynamic Sender ID
  • Manage and Approve Sender IDs to be used on your Portal
  • Disallow the use of certain words in sender IDs (eg Yahoo, GTBank)
  • Specify the default Currency, Country and Time-Zone for your site


  • Create and manage unlimited SMS customers and resells
  • Specify custom SMS rates and selling price for a customer
  • Easily add SMS units to customer’s account
  • View message log of all your customers
  • Easily login to a customer’s account with a single click
  • Customers can place order for SMS units and have their accounts credited upon successful payment or admin approval.
  • Customers can view their SMS history, Credit History, SMS chart and other reports.
  • Customers can transfer SMS credits from their account to other customers.


  • Resellers can create and manage their sub-customers through their reseller portal
  • Resellers can access their portal from another domain or sub-domain.
  • Resellers can customize and brand their reseller portals.
  • Customers can register under a reseller through the reseller’s “Allowed Domain”, configurable from the reseller settings page.
  • Resellers can transfer SMS credits to their customers
  • Resellers can view message history of all their sub-customers.
  • Resellers can provide support to their customers using the integrated Ticket tool
  • Resellers can login to any of their customer’s account with single click of a button


  • Support for MMS, UNICODE and Plain SMS Messages
  • Dynamic SMS Support
  • Inbuilt UTF-8 to Unicode Converter
  • Automatically send SMS in background if message is larger than defined gateway batch size
  • Individual status report on each recipients
  • Automatic splitting of messages into multiple pages if it exceeds maximum allowed by your SMS provider
  • User get Confirmation alert before messages are sent
  • View SMS history of all customer
  • Block certain sender IDs from being used on your site.
  • Upload recipients from text or CSV files
  • Save a copy of message being sent as Draft for future use
  • Auto removal of duplicate numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • Auto removal of invalid numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • Auto count and display total recipients in uploaded file
  • Reformats poorly formatted phone numbers e.g formats 08081234567 to 2348081234567, based on selected recipient country
  • Dynamic Sender ID Support
  • Easily select groups from address book while sending message
  • Search sent messages by username, sender ID, message content, status etc.
  • Schedule messages for future delivery and easily cancel pending scheduled messages with a click of a button
  • Easily resend previously sent messages in just a click
  • View, use, edit or delete draft messages.
  • Easily reply to incoming messages with the click of a button

SMS Inbox

  • Automatically saves incoming messages to inbox
  • Assign incoming messages to customers based on keywords
  • Auto opt-out marketing list subscribers using keywords


  • Integrated internal communication system
  • Automated Email & SMS Notifications on various System Events
  • Admin can Send Bulk SMS / Email to Single or All Customers
  • Customers can post custom Payment Notification from their SMS panel

Orders and Billing

  • Create/Manage Various SMS Packages and Pricing. You can also define custom pricing for each customer.
  • Automatic SMS Cost calculation based on defined SMS Rates
  • Customer is only billed on successful submission of message to the gateway.
  • Comprehensive transaction log and report on pending, completed and failed transactions
  • Admin to add SMS credits to customer's as Borrowed Units, which will be deducted from customers account upon next order.
  • Multiple currency support with option to specify exchange rates
  • Admin can approve a transaction that have not been paid for or paid through custom gateways
  • Easily search transaction records for specific transaction or specific customer's transactions
  • Admin can manually transfer SMS Units to customer
  • Automated Invoicing on new Orders
  • Receive Payment Notifications from Customers
  • Add Tax, Vat and other handling charges to your invoices.

Marketing List, Phonebook & Contacts

  • Create unlimited phonebooks, marketing lists and contacts (available to both admin and customers)
  • Define opt-out keyword for each marketing list
  • Add contacts to marketing list via API
  • Add multiple phone numbers and names to phonebook or marketing list
  • Upload numbers and names from Text or CSV file to phonebook or marketing list
  • Easily edit or delete a phonebook and  marketing lists with all its contacts
  • Admin can transfer/share phonebook with any customer

SMS Gateways

  • Supports SMPP and HTTP gateway connection
  • Create unlimited SMS gateways
  • Set gateways as default route for messages to different destination countries and operators
  • Easily define active gateways for Plain SMS, Unicode SMS, MMS and 2-Way SMS
  • Define connection type for each gateway (SMPP or HTTP)
  • Define batch size for each gateway


  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Database Backup / Restore tools
  • Automatic System Update Notification
  • Fully Customizable & Expandable
  • Data Migration tool for easy importation of existing customers and other data from other systems
  • Remote API for Easy Integration
  • Free Excel SMS Plug-in
  • Fully Stand-alone application. Sendroid doesn’t depend on Jumla or other 3rd party application
  • Easy to integrate on your website using Sendroid plug-ins
  • Customized API for each customer
  • Interactive and user-friendly look and feel

System Requirements

  • Unix or Windows OS (cPanel-based Hosting Recommended)
  • Apache or IIS (Apache Highly Recommended)
  • PHP Version 5.2 or higher
  • Curl Support
  • PHP Cron Jobs
  • JSON Enabled
  • PHP Memory Limit: 64 MB
  • MySQL Version 4.1 or higher
  • MySQL Strict Mode disabled


We have released a quick-start to help you get started. Clisk Here to download the Sendroid quick start. Available in PDF format

Full Documentation

The new improved documentation is out! Clisk Here to download the full Sendroid documentation. Available in PDF format

Excel Plugin Video Tutorial

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